haverá um encontro agora sobre a Wikimania no canal abaixo. Eu e o
Mascote estaremos lá para sugerir uma homenagem ao Pietro.

Quem quiser aparecer, só entrar nesse canal.



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From: J. <>
Date: 2012/2/26
Subject: [Wikimania-planning-l] REMINDER: Wikimania planning meeting
in about 20 minutes
To: "Coordination list for Wikimania." <>

Hey everyone!

This is a reminder that we will be discussing the Wikimania 2012
conference in #wikimania-2012 on Freenode at 1800 UTC. Topics for
discussion include:

-- Plans for special events at the Library of Congress, DAR Museum,
and special events in general.
-- Update and discussion on sponsorships.
-- Update on registration, program.

Thank you,

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