Really interesting research regarding the pilot education program in the
United States. It includes information about the likelihood of students to
continue editing after the classroom projects ends:
Public Policy Initiative motivated students to become Wikipedians

In a paper titled "Classroom Wikipedia participation effects on future
intentions to 
five Michigan-based researchers looked at a sample of over 400 students who
were involved in a pilot of the WMF education
of whom were native speakers of English), and asked how likely the
student-editors were to be become real editors after the end of their class
projects, and what the relevant factors in such conversions are. They find
that the student retention ratio is higher than the average editor
retention ratio (while only 0.0002% of editors who make one edit become
regulars, about 4% of students have made edits after their course ended).
About 75% of the students preferred the Wikipedia assignment to a regular
one, and major reasons for their enjoyment included the level of engagement
in class, an appreciation of global visibility of the article, and the
exposure to social media.

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News and notes: Finance meeting fallout, Gardner recommendations forthcoming

Recent research: Gender gap and conflict aversion; collaboration on
breaking news; effects of leadership on participation; legacy of Public
Policy Initiative

Discussion report: Focus on admin conduct and editor retention

WikiProject report: Just don't call it "sci-fi": WikiProject Science Fiction

Featured content: By plane, by ship, and by stagecoach: Featured content
goes trekking this week

Arbitration report: Final decision in TimidGuy ban appeal, one case remains

Technology report: 1.19 deployment stress, Meta debates whether to enforce

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