Ni! Hi Jessieeee,

As I see it, the br.wikimedia page intends to collect all material about
the wikimedia movment, including all projects in every language, as long
as it's published by the brazilian press.

The pt.wikipedia focuses on wikipedia related articles, and os more
general than brazilian press, including at least all lusophone press.

So, pretty much what you suggested. :)

It should be made more clear on that page, will do.

Hugs and thanks for raising this point,


On 03/06/2012 07:35 PM, Jessie Wild wrote:
> Sorry to hammer away at this, but it does not make complete sense to me...
>, for example, the article just published by O Globo[1] which is
> included in pt.wikipedia page but not br.wikimedia. This covers
> something that obviously is bigger than just Wikipedia: it is the
> product of a lot of volunteers who do outreach events and provide
> coaching and recruit new participants. This is obviously much bigger
> than just something that can be contained in pt.wikipedia, right?  (I
> think we all agree the answer is yes, based on the many messages that
> have come across this mailing list encouraging greater transparency
> about the project with WMBR.) 
> ....or, for example, a lot of the list that is currently on the br. list
> also are about Wikipedia specifically ("Wikipedia turns 10 years..")? 
> I personally don't really care about where articles are posted; I just
> want to make sure I/we are posting things in places where they are
> anticipated and in a way that is comprehensive for the journalists whom
> this page is meant to serve!!! So - what if the br.wikimedia link was
> for articles from Brazilian journalists? That might be the most
> straight-forward classification. 
> Thoughts?
> Abs:)
> Jessie
> [1] 
> 2012/3/6 Rodrigo Tetsuo Argenton <
> <>>
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