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danah boyd's embarking on a new project:

"Henry Jenkins, Mimi Ito, and I have embarked on an interesting project
for Polity. Through a series of dialogues, we're hoping to produce a
book that interrogates our different thoughts regarding participatory
culture. The goal is to unpack our differences and agreements and
identify some of the challenges that we see going forward. ....

And here's where we're hoping that some of our fans and critics might be
willing to provoke us to think more deeply.

    What questions do you have regarding participatory culture that you
would hope that we would address?
    What criticisms of our work would you like to offer for us to
reflect on?
    What do you think that we fail to address in our work that you wish
we would consider?...."

If you have suggestions for them, you can post them as comments at:

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