Here you go, Tomasz and María:

We gratefully await your communication.

Thank you,


PS: Tomasz, did you know jabber and gmail chat can talk to each other?

On 08-10-2012 16:51, Tomasz W. Kozłowski wrote:
> Hello Al-Scandar,
> thank you for such a prompt and extensive reply.
> I suggested a (phone) call for a reason: it is, from my experience,
> one of the most effective ways to discuss almost any topic one can
> think of, and one that I have been using very often in the past (for
> instance while preparing for Wiki Loves Monuments 2012).
> Webex in particular has the added value of allowing multiple
> simultanous connections, and it also has the feature of
> voice-recording the whole call. It is a long tradition of this
> Committee to document its meetings, so I am sure we won't be lacking
> any documentation or notes if we decide on having a phone call some
> time in the future.
> Phone calls are also a much faster way of communication than wikis; as
> you probably know from your own experience, on-wiki discussions tend
> to take a long time, counted not even in weeks, but also in months.
> It was my understanding that it was in Wikimedia Brasil's best
> interest to become an officially approved and recognised Wikimedia
> chapter as soon as possible, but I am of course happy to have the
> discussion on-wiki if that is your wish, though as I said, it might
> take many months to come to have it finished -- especially with
> regards to this Committee, which as you have also probably noticed, is
> not the fastest to respond (for whatever reasons), and has this
> unfortunate feature of changing its members every year.
> If you'd like to set up a proper discussion page on Meta, please feel
> free to move my comment from your wiki over there; I would appreciate
> just being informed where the discussion is supposed to take place.
> As for the OTRS e-mail, please take your time in answering our
> questions; for bookeeping purposes, I would appreciate it if you could
> post your answers on the Meta talk page to-be.
> I also thank you for inviting me to a private chat over Jabber (I am
> unfortunately not using this IM anymore) and IRC; I am, however, not
> able to represent AffCom in any private chats, and don't think this
> would be of much use for AffCom's (and simultanously Wikimedia
> Brasil's) purposes.
> However, if you'd like to receive some general information about
> AffCom or the recognition process of a Wikimedia chapter in general,
> please feel free to approach me on #wikimedia-chapters (I'm logged-in
> as "odder").
> Thank you for your time,

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