For what it's worth, I'd always rather discuss anything through some written medium than any voice medium.


Betty VH

Em 9/10/2012 05:38, Al-Scandar Solstag escreveu:

Hey Tomasz, María, everyone.

I organized all communication we have received so far into that page.

As you'll see from the answers already there, for now most of us would
rather not see a call as necessary in the future of this dialogue, and I
hope we can move swiftly forward with the wiki.

Personally, I have both experiences, of wikis being more and less
productive and speedy than voice conversations, and in this case I'm
betting on the wiki for the reasons now explained in there.

So, right now we stand waiting for all the questions that are holding
back the approval of our application, as most of us remain puzzled and a
bit wary about what serious issues could be delaying or threatening a
process we have put so much energy into.

Thank you and I hope we can get over with this and then have a
meaningless voice talk about whether those Wikipedia Zero stickers I saw
at Wikimania work more to promote Coca-Cola or Wikipedia. ;D hehe



On 08-10-2012 18:51, Tomasz W. Kozłowski wrote:
Hi Al-Scandar,
thanks for setting this up. Would you be so kind as to copy my
questions from your internal wiki onto this new page and answer those
there? I still would like to see us having a call meeting sometime.

And as there are no apparent questions from AffCom now, please do post
your answers to our OTRS reply onto this page, too, and we shall
answer them there as well :-))

Thanks a lot for your help!

PS Yes, I do know (even Facebook is Jabber-based now) about that, but
I don't use Google Talk very often these days.

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