estou aqui nesse evento da Omidyar e da Wired sobre governo e
transparência e quem quiser acompanhar o streaming amanhã, aqui está o

A programação

Mais sobre o evento

Open Up! is an event where entrepreneurs (civic and business),
government and civil society will come together to galvanise action
and increase momentum in the fast-growing field of transparency and
open government. This high-level event will show how web and mobile
technologies can drive more engagement of citizens in government and
showcase entrepreneurs’ innovations and experiences from around the

The day promises a dynamic programme, complete with thought leaders
from multiple sectors across three continents. Please note: Open Up!
is by invitation-only. We encourage everyone to participate via the
live stream and on Twitter by following #OpenUp12. We look forward to
seeing you on the 13th.



Everton Zanella Alvarenga (also Tom)
Open Knowledge Foundation Brasil

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