Caros wikiamigos,

como acredito que muitos aqui contribuem para o commons de
conhecimento livre, principalmente com a definição de conhecimento
livre do movimento Wikimedia estar em sintonia com a visão da Open
Knowledge Foundation e a definição difundida pela organização,
gostaria de convidá-los a participar do livro abaixo.

Talvez possa ser legal criarem uma página wiki e informá-los como
contribuirão, se houver um quórum mínimo de pessoas interessadas.
Atividades para contribuir com uma cultura livre é o que não falta:
Sexta Poética, vários mutirões, wiki-livros, enciclopédia, imagens no
commons etc..

Sejam bem-vindos e divulguem.


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From: Kat Braybrooke <>
Date: 2012/12/7
Subject: [OKFN-Local-Coord] Call for Local Timeline Submissions: The Open Book
To: Open Knowledge Foundation Local Coordinators Mailing List

Hello again OKFN Local Group team,

As you heard this September in Helsinki, the Finnish Institute in
London and the Open Knowledge Foundation are publishing a book about
your work, and they want you to be a part of its history. See details

The Open Book (publish date 2013, details here <>)
is a crowd-sourced publication which will contextualise the
international open knowledge movement in the words of those who are
helping build it today. This book, based on the ideas of many of you
as participants - individuals from over 50 nations who came together
in to attend the world’s first Open Knowledge Festival
<> in Helsinki - will highlight the hopes and
motivations of those currently working to promote global change, and
introduce the movement to new audiences.

The book will begin with a pull-out concertina - a visual timeline
introducing the most important events in the history of open knowledge
and open data. As a open knowledge advocate, we would like to invite
you to help build this crowd-sourced timeline with us. We will also
publish it online using the Open Knowledge Foundation's Recline
Timeliner <> based off Timeline.JS
<> so that it can be a living document which
chronicles the legacy of open knowledge and open data movements over

To get involved, send us one to five key events, inventions or
decisions that in your opinion have contributed the most to the
evolution of open knowledge, and send these ideas to Your submission can be very informal. We want
to hear about the moments you have found the most inspiring, and it
would be great to hear about things happening locally in your nation
which you feel are important to add.

If you wish to be attributed in the text for your contribution, please
provide your full name. We also appreciate timeline contributions that
include a photo and location where possible. The publishing deadline
for contributions is January 13.

We look forward to your submissions, and hope you have been doing well
since our great week in Helsinki!

The Open Book Editorial Team

| Kat Braybrooke | London, UK
| Local Groups & Open Design
| The Open Knowledge Foundation
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