Hi, Carol.

Is the federal bill also going to have the NC commertial restriction?
We should talk to Paulo Teixeira as soon as possible to explain to him
why this is bad. Why this will limit the use of this content produce
by public money. And we can tell he can do better than São Paulo
state. We can mention places, such as California (S.B.1052), that are
producing educational content with an open license. We can mention
every single example of public policies that made it in the right way.
Is this hurry really needed? Won't we have more problems to convince
later to remove the NC restriction?

I think it will be a big mistake if we have all the laws (São Paulo
city, São Paulo state and the federal government) using a *closed*
license, as if it is open, that transmits a wrong message to people
that are not aware of these apparently details, but that can become
important in the mid or long term.

That is one of the roots why people of the digital world always think
wrongly that just using a Creative Commons license is enough and we
all know this is a very common mistake. It is not enough and I am
really not sure if we will benefit if all these public policies in one
of the most important economies of the world do not send the right
message about the subject we all work for, a more open world.


2013/2/1 Carolina <carolina.ross...@gmail.com>:
> Pls forward this to all lists copied. I will answer calmly later.
> Since 2008, when I started the project in Brazil we have always pushed for 
> the most flexible license - CC-BY, also to ensure the broadest 
> interoperability with international OA and OER repositories and projects. But 
> many in the academic community and among the politicians in Brazil fear the 
> public content will be "privatized" after released as OER. I explained tons 
> of time all the issues around this.... We even did a huge FAQ also with 
> comments and explaining why we think NC is not the best choice...see 
> www.rea.net.br/faq
> However, we could not get this time all we wanted. So, there is a preference 
> - in the sao paulo city decree, the state bill and the federal bill, for for 
> cc--by-nc-Sa (one of the most restrictive licenses of the CC spectrum), but 
> folks CAN chose institutionally to chose less restrictive licenses.

Everton Zanella Alvarenga (also Tom)
OKFN Brasil - Rede pelo Conhecimento Livre

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