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On Fri, Feb 8, 2013 at 7:10 PM, Abhishek Suryawanshi <
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> *BTW I'd like to join this "Wikipedia club pune" of yours along with 3
>> other brazilians, one of them might be under 18 - I'm not sure. I'd like
>> join and speak on its behalf please. *
> You are welcome to join it. and relax - below 18, above 18 is last thing
> we care. Special thanks for bringing in diversity to Club.
>  Call us older generation, but we prefer facebook for communication :
> https://www.facebook.com/groups/WikipediaClubPune/
> Stay connected via group to get updates about club. :-)
> More than joining, if you 'like' to like things - then you can join 3767
> Club followers - https://www.facebook.com/WikipediaClubPune
Thank you.

I'd now like to speak on behalf of Wikipedia Club Pune. We would officially
like to change our language preference to Portuguese, and affirm that Pune
is the second bestest place in India, after Delhi. Also We like Cheese!
Thank you that is all.

Anyway, please look forward to having more brazilian members of your club
than pune ones. Some of those would be underage boys and girls, but you are
from an "older generation" of course. :P

BTW in case you haven't realized, that was not to ask for membership but
point out how important it is to have a resident as a member unless they
start speaking for a country or a city they know nothing about. The 18 is
the age requirement usually set by the law, and when you decide to
officially register your organization as a society, I'll point you to the
age requirement law or why parental supervision becomes necessary in some

Apparently, Wikipedia Pune Club member
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