Se fosse uma semana melhor, pensaria até em dar uma escapada para aparecer aí. 
Deixem bem claro para a Anasuya que ela TEM que voltar com mais tempo...  :(


> Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2013 13:59:51 -0200
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> Subject: Re: [Wikimedia Brasil] Anasuya no Brasil
> A Anasuya é uma das pessoas mais interessantes que tive o prazer de
> conhecer na Wikimedia Foundation. Sobre ela, por ela mesma (de um
> e-mail quando o Barry a apresentou):
> ************************
> Life will be measured
> by notability test?
> My secrets are mine! ;-)
> ...but until we meet in person:
> I am an activist turned grant-maker, who has worked nationally,
> regionally, and internationally, to build and strengthen
> multi-generational feminist leadership and networks, and to amplify
> voices from the margins – whether across gender, sexuality, class,
> caste, race, age, geography or language. I grew up in north Karnataka
> (southern India), and returned to work in this part of the world after
> my undergraduate degree in Economics, as a Programme Officer at
> Samuha, a rural development organisation. I took its lessons with me
> into an M.Phil. in Development Studies at Oxford, where I studied as a
> Rhodes Scholar. I led a UNICEF initiative with the Karnataka police
> from 2001-2007, designing and implementing a state wide system of
> response to issues of violence against women and children. Over the
> same period, I served as Associate and researcher with Gender at Work,
> an international knowledge network for gender equality. I co-edited
> and wrote for the Association of Women's Rights in Development (AWID)
> publication, Defending Our Dreams: global feminist voices for a new
> generation (AWID and Zed Books, 2006), arguably the first
> international anthology of young feminist analyses and experience. I
> have founded campaigns, and been involved with national and
> international networks against religious and cultural fundamentalisms,
> and for sexual and reproductive rights and women's health.
> In 2007, I moved from Bangalore to Berkeley, as a Visiting Scholar at
> UC Berkeley and the Managing Trustee of a small Stanford-based family
> foundation funding in South India. Over the past three years, I have
> been Regional Program Director for Asia and Oceania at the Global Fund
> for Women, one of the world's largest grant-making organisations
> exclusively for women's human rights. In this capacity, I have
> overseen over 300 grants to women-led organisations in the region –
> from Afghanistan to Kiribati - and helped develop a framework for
> evaluating and learning our impact on organisational growth and
> movement sustainability. My interest in the politics of technology has
> been from the point of view of a women’s rights activist, academic,
> and grant-maker. With Bangalore as home, surrounded by friends and
> family who are progressive technologists, I started questioning the
> politics of the software and hardware that is ubiquitous in our lives
> – and ended up using Ubuntu Linux on my laptop. However, the
> Free/Libre and Open Source Movement is not simply about technologies;
> at its heart is the feminist principle that governs my politics: if
> knowledge is power, then the empowerment of the marginalised is
> through a democratisation of knowledge, and the equality of the future
> is through a deconstruction of the privileging powers of access,
> voice, representation and participation.
> I am passionate about poetry (a haiku a day keeps my blues away),
> theatre, and music, and challenge myself with yoga. I tend to stick
> with my post-colonial British form of spelling and punctuation ('s'
> over 'z' and a nuanced use of the Oxford comma) unless explicitly
> asked not to do so.
> ----
> Certamente todas meninas se interessaram pelas atividades próximas ao
> dia das mulheres poderiam aproveitar essa oportunidade. Meninos, é
> claro, também. Acho que vou depois por esse texto na Anasuya na
> Wikipédia. Numa perspectiva de alguém que nunca ouviu falar sobre o
> trabalho dela, pode-se pensar "Ah, legal, mais alguém da WMF vindo
> para o Brasil." ; )
> Tom
> 2013/2/16 Rodrigo Tetsuo Argenton <>:
> > Dona Oona avisou na brwiki, mas não aqui, a Anasuya virá à SPaulo dia 22,
> > tem umas reuniões para participar no dia 22:
> >
> > Mas a ideia é realizar um encontro no sábado:
> >
> >
> > Quem vai?
> >
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> Everton Zanella Alvarenga (also Tom)
> "A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more
> useful than a life spent doing nothing."
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