Tem uma ideia legal, também, da Wikimedia Ukraine que é o "Wiki Loves Earth", 
um concurso de fotografias dos Patrimônios Naturais da Humanidade, e o Brasil 
está cheio deles!

Veja o post no blog da WMF: 


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As you might have already heard, the very first Wiki Loves Public Art (WLPA)

photo contest will take place in May 2013. This is a contest that is inspired

by the success of the Wiki Loves Monuments, but as the name suggests the focus

is on public art, either outdoors or in museums (see more

about how museums can be involved here). The basic structure of the

contest is set up and we are looking for local Wikimedia chapters to organize 
the contest in

their country, or in a region, a city or perhaps just in a few museums as a 
pilot. Thus far teams are working to organize the contest in Sweden, Austria and

Barcelona but the more the merrier, so if you think that this could be

something for your chapter, please let us know as soon as possible!

To make participation to the photo

contest easier, the international organizing team can help you for example with 
setting up the lists of artworks on

Wikipedia and to sort through the basic rules of the contest. In addition, in

case you cannot find your own sponsors, we will be able to provide a prize for

the winning picture of your local contest (around 100-150 euros, depending on

the number of countries/regions participating).

To find out more see the international

WLPA website as well as the WLPA page on Wikimedia Commons. On the website 
there is also a neat instruction and all the files needed to set up your own 
version of the website in your language.


are also more than welcome to email the international coordinator or the WLPA 
email list for any questions or

comments as well as if you would like to contribute or participate in the


Please forward this to anyone you think could be interested!



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