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From: Jane Park <>
Date: Tue, Mar 12, 2013 at 7:05 PM
Subject: [Wikimedia Education] School of Open has launched!
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Hey guys, in case you haven't seen School of Open launched its first set of
courses today, including several on Wikipedia/Wikimedia:

Sign up for these facilitated courses

this week (sign-up will remain open through Sunday, March 17). These
courses will start the week of March 18 (next week!). To sign up, simply
click the “Start Course” button under the course’s menu navigation on the

   - *Copyright 4 Educators
   * – Sign up <>if
you’re an educator who wants to learn about US copyright law in the
   education context.
   - *Copyright 4 Educators
   * – Sign up <>if
you’re an educator who wants to learn about Australian copyright,
   statutory licenses and open educational resources (OER).
   - *Creative Commons for K-12
   * – Sign 
you’re a K-12 educator (anywhere in the world) who wants to learn how
   find and adapt free, useful resources for your classroom, and incorporate
   activities that teach your students digital world skills.
   - *Writing Wikipedia Articles: The Basics and
   * – Sign 
you want to learn how to edit Wikipedia or improve your editing skills
   especially if you are interested in and knowledgeable about open
   educational resources (OER) (however, no background in this area is

All other courses are now ready for you to take

at any time, with or without your peers. They include:

   - *Get a CC license. Put it on your
   * – This course is exactly what the title says: it will help you with
   the steps of getting a CC license and putting it on your work. It’s
   tailored to websites, although the same steps apply to most other works.
   - *Open Science: An
   * – This course is a collaborative learning environment meant to
   introduce the idea of Open Science to young scientists, academics, and
   makers of all kinds. Open Science is a tricky thing to define, but we’ve
   designed this course to share what we know about it, working as a community
   to make this open resource better.
   - *Open data for GLAMs
<>*(Galleries, Libraries,
Archives, Museums) – This course is for
   professionals in cultural institutions who are interested in opening up
   their data as open culture data. It will guide you through the different
   steps towards open data and provide you with extensive background
   information on how to handle copyright and other possible issues.
   - *Intro to Openness in
   * – This is an introductory course exploring the history and impacts of
   openness in education. The main goal of the course is to give you a broad
   but shallow grounding in the primary areas of work in the field of open
   - *A Look at Open Video<>
   * – This course will give you a quick overview of some of the issues,
   tools and areas of interest in the area of open video. It is aimed at
   students interested in developing software, video journalists, editors and
   all users of video who want to take their knowledge further.
   - *Contributing to Wikimedia
   * – A sister project of Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons is a repository of
   openly licensed images that people all over the world use and contribute
   to. This challenge gets you acquainted with uploading your works to the
   - *Open Detective <>* –
   This course will help you explore the scale of open to non-open content and
   how to tell the difference.

And more… check out all the courses at

Jane Park
Project Manager <>
Creative Commons

the School of Open, a collaboration with P2PU:

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