Oi pessoal!

O pessoal da WMF e grupos de pesquisa associados fazem um resumo
mensal de estudos em torno dos projetos Wikimedia. A versão de março
tem umas coisas interessantes, como um estudo do Erik Zatche sobre o
crescimento dos projetos ao longo do tempo. Recomendo a leitura.

Podemos publicar tópicos (traduzidos) de interesse para os projetos em
Português, é uma forma de inspirar coisas na Central de Pesquisas e de
melhorar a comunicação com outros voluntários. O que vocês acham?

Boa leitura:

The March 2013 issue of the Wikimedia Research Newsletter is out:


In this issue:

• 1 Wikipedia's "Ignore all rules" policy (IAR) is a double edged
sword in deletion arguments
• 2 Activity of content translators on Wikipedia examined
• 3 Comparison of collaborative editing in OpenStreetMap and Wikipedia
• 4 Wikipedia's coverage of breaking news stories is still a fertile
field of research
• 5 Exposing talk page discussions leads to drop in perceived article quality
• 6 Briefly
  • 100 million hours spent editing Wikipedia
  • Wiktionary and sign language
  • Wikipedia compared to Q&A website in Korea
  • Wikipedia articles on nephrology reliable, but hard to read
  • Comparing English and Arabic Wikipedia POV differences
  • The overrepresentation of cricket on English Wikipedia
  • Grumpiness due to a "serious typographical error"
  • Wikipedians do not tend to conform more to groupthink when in a
less anonymous situation
  • Estimate for economic benefit of Wikipedia: $50 million by 2006 already
  • 91% of German journalists use Wikipedia
  • Inserting weblinks on Wikipedia to drive traffic
  • Case study on "Accommodating the Wikipedia Project in Higher Education"
  • Wikipedia student club participation
  • Monthly edits still on the rise
  • How many Wikipedia edits come from locals?
  • New overview page of Wikimedia data for researchers
  • Wikimedia funding for Wikisym '13 despite open access concerns
  • Research newsletter started on French Wikipedia
  • Inferring relationships from editing behavior on Wikipedia
  • Google Research releases the WikiLinks Corpus: 40M mentions to
Wikipedia pages collected from 10M web pages
• 7 References

••• 26 publications were covered in this issue •••
Thanks to:  Amir E. Aharoni, Piotr Konieczny, Taha Yasseri, Oren
Bochman, Heather Ford, Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia and Daniel Mietchen
for contributing

Dario Taraborelli and Tilman Bayer

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