Hi all,

I've started a page on meta for Wikimedia Gadget


This page serves for people participating of the Wikimedia movement to
brainstorm on news cool, fun and interesting Wikimedia gadgets. The
ideas can discussed in several languages on the talk page to
facilitate each local group to speak their ideas in their local
language, if necessary. The idea is to expand the possibilities on
what we have so far in the Wikimedia Shop <http://shop.wikimedia.org/>
and other local groups shops using the global community ideas and help
local groups to outreach Wikimedia projects.

A lot of times someone saw a Wikipedia backpack I have and they found
really cool - people find these kind of things cool. This can help
also local groups to develop their own things to outreach Wikimedia
projects. Also, several times, I was faced in discussions with
colleagues on possible new gadgets beyond those produced by Wikimedia
Foundation, like a Wikipedia flip flop, for instance. Or when
volunteers in Brazil organized a challenge with a initial idea to give
some new gadgetd, like these ones in this news about this activity

I do think this can also help to outreach other less known Wikimedia
Projects. For instance, when a cool banner was made here in Brazil
by volunteers to use at events, I've  heard more than once people
saying they didn't know other projects and that that was really cool.
As another example, I've just discovered a cool t-shirt of Wikimedia
Sweeden for the Wikipedia education program
and their local shop <http://wikimediasverige.spreadshirt.se/> with
original and creative products.

I hope this can bring new ideas and new gadgets. Please, make comments
in the wiki page.


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