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From: Quim Gil <>
Date: Thu, Apr 11, 2013 at 2:05 PM
Subject: [Wikitech-l] Sponsoring travel to Wikimedia Hackathon
To: Wikimedia developers <>

Hi, you have probably heard about

Wikimedia Hackathon
24-26 May in Amsterdam (Netherlands)**Amsterdam_Hackathon_2013<>

There are about 100 participants registered, and we have some room for
more. Registration is free but you need to sign up. There is also some
travel sponsorship budget left after a first round of approvals.

If your free software contributions and your Wikimedia love is more
valuable than the money you have in the bank, you can just register and
apply for scholarship. Please include public URLs where we can see your
open source licensed contributions (code, pixels, wise words...). A CV
alone won't cut it, no matter how many avatars appear to endorse your

Hurry up! The organizers are reviewing applications as they come.

Quim Gil
Technical Contributor Coordinator @ Wikimedia Foundation**User:Qgil<>

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