That is a cool project. Congrats, Victor.

I've a wikireader with me someone gave a few years ago. Have someone tried
to install a Wikipedia of another language? I will try <> sometime soon (alguém da WMBR
com mais tempo, se quiser, fale comigo).

What about using their software <> on Linux? If
you were successfull with that, please, let me know. Their apps are just
for Windows and Mac stuff.

I'll check if'd possible to have these machines sold somehow in South
America. Ideas? At least we still don't have at our recent Amazon <> site.

Maybe it would be good to suggest wikireader producers to have the hardware
source open as well, if that don't make they go bankrupt. Who knows we
could produce locally.


On Sun, May 5, 2013 at 1:27 AM, Victor Grigas <> wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> My partner and I just started a campaign on to raise funds to
> buy all remaining WikiReaders and distribute them to schools and kids in
> places that don't have internet at no charge to the schools and kids.
> The campaign is here:
> The video is here:
> Please consider funding the campaign and if you can't fund the campaign,
> please share the link with others!
> While I am an employee of the Wikimedia Foundation, I am doing this
> entirely as a volunteer.
> Thanks!
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