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Date: Fri, May 17, 2013 at 1:09 AM
Subject: [Wikimedia-l] Exit Interview - Sue
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A few weeks ago MZMcBride proposed an exit interview for Sue on Meta. I
believe his intention was something similar to Reddit's IAmA. I thought
that this was a good idea and supported it. Sue has been at the helm for a
long while, it would be interesting to get her reflection on all the
changes, and give everyone who missed the last IRC office hour session, a
chance to ask any lingering questions.

Sue graciously accepted to do an exit interview a couple of weeks ago. The
page is already set up on Meta[1] for this, and we have a few questions
already. So far, things are organizing themselves pretty well with everyone
voting on what questions are finally picked. Please understand that we want
this to be a slow process, so everyone has time to see the questions and it
can take weeks to get your answer.

I would like to invite everyone reading this to have a look at the page.
Please feel free to post your questions or vote for the ones already
listed. Signpost, Wikinews or any other project/group that wants to use the
exit interview is welcomed to follow that page and add to it. Thanks to MZ
for getting things rolling on Meta and Sue, for accepting to do this.


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