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> Subject: [Wikimedia-l] "How Wikipedia Works" on Wikibooks
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> Hi all,
> I'm pleased to announce that Charles Matthews and I re-licensed the text of
> our book "How Wikipedia Works", and the text is now in Wikibooks:
> http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/How_Wikipedia_Works
> I'd like to issue an open invitation to help format and update the book. We
> published HWW in 2008, and while many of the chapters hold up today, others
> (especially those dealing with specific templates, etc) do not.
> In addition, there's a lot of additional new material to cover. For
> instance:
> * When the VisualEditor is stable, there should be a chapter about using
> the VE, followed up with more advanced chapters about wikitext
> * The education program and GLAM projects were just getting going when we
> published, and it would be nice to have a full chapter about these (since
> in my experience many of the readers of the book have been educators)
> * I'd love to see full chapters about each of the sister projects; I didn't
> have the space in the printed book or the expertise to write these
> originally, but covering all of Wikimedia was always part of my ideal book.
> Also, the figures are not in Wikibooks. While I will work on uploading the
> originals (it will be slow), I don't have all of them in a good format, and
> most of the screenshot-type figures need to be redone anyway. I'd love help
> with this.
> Of course, one of my great joys about the printed book was that it was so
> nicely produced; the publisher, No Starch Press, did a fantastic job of
> layout and the book itself is quite high-quality. For those who want that,
> the print book is still available for purchase; but making the Wikibooks
> text pretty should also be a goal (the current text was cut & pasted, so
> there's a lot of formatting that needs to be cleaned up).
> I know this has been a long time coming; that's my fault! This has been a
> side project for us for many years, and I was happy to recently find some
> time to work on it again. It's my hope that the book is still useful, and
> that we can make it more useful still for the future. (There's also a new
> website for the book at http://howwikipediaworks.net).
> best,
> phoebe
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