Done! translated (the page) and sent to the Wikimedia movement Brazil
mailing list (our list is friendly, then accepted some things
non-wikimedia: D). There are other lists but i do not know if it is within
the same subject. You think I should share with (or the scope is similar
to) the Pirate Party Brazil?

What is the scope of the project, exactly?

Best regards!

2013/9/10 Raylton P. Sousa <>

> [OFF] Aí gente! Se alguém se interessar (conhecer quem se interesse) pelo
> projeto!
> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> From: Quim Gil <>
> Date: 2013/9/9
> Subject: Translating one page to Portuguese
> To: "Raylton P. Sousa" <>
> Hi Raylton!
> This is a non-Wikimedia request. Could you or someone you know translate
> this short page to Portuguese? I really want to get my pet project closer
> to the freedom lovers of Brazil and Portugal.  :)
> group=page-Happiness+for+**everyone&filter=&action=**translate&setlang=pt<>
> Thank you! (or no worries).
> --
> Quim
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