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"Dear Brazilian Wikimedians,

On behalf of the Affiliations Committee, please allow me to explain within
the bounds of this message the current state of your application for
affiliation with the Wikimedia Foundation, what we can do about it, and how
this application will hopefully move forward from here.

First, please allow me to apologize on behalf of the Committee for any
feelings of ill will that might have been generated in previous discussions
between us and you guys, whether that be because of misunderstandings over
your proposed affiliation model, or any disruptive discussions that might
have contributed to whatever state of relations that currently exist
between the two of us. Allow me to stress here that it has always been in
the Committee's interest to move your application forward, and we have no
intention of ever derailing your application for affiliation.

The Committee has agreed during our meeting in Hong Kong that it would be
best to restart the entire application process for Wikimedia Brasil as a
gesture of good will and as a sign of willingness to move forward from the
tumultuous application process of years past. We likewise feel that
restarting the process allows us to establish clearer lines of
communication with the Brazilian Wikimedians in order to overcome any past
misunderstandings and miscommunication that might have arisen from our
interaction with the different members of your community. This means that
currently, there is no pending application with the Committee for an
affiliate entity in Brazil, and we are ready to receive an entirely new
application from Brazilian Wikimedians to allow us to move forward. Such a
move also allows the Committee to objectively analyze the merits of your
application without having to consider any preceding application that might
compromise the Committee's objectivity with respect to deciding on your

It is, however, the Committee's belief that for the time being, a Wikimedia
User Group would be appropriate as a first step toward the ultimate goal of
establishing a Wikimedia chapter in Brazil. As agreed to in Hong Kong, we
feel that the establishment of a well-run, well-organized user group would
serve as a trust-building measure between the both of us, so that we will
be able to effectively determine what model of affiliation would serve the
best interests of the Brazilian Wikimedia community at large. We feel that
the establishment of a WUG does *NOT* in any way mean that we do not
support the establishment of a chapter, nor that a WUG being established
means that a chapter is no longer necessary; rather, we believe that the
establishment of a user group is a necessary first step towards the
establishment of a chapter as the ultimate end of this process, and that
the chapter shall be its logical continuation. To ensure our commitment to
establishing a chapter in Brazil, the Committee will be ready to accept an
application for chapter status from the community at least one year after
the establishment of a WUG in Brazil, and we will ensure that your
application for chapter status will be judged on the success of the
established user group.

Having met some of you in the past, and having committed myself early on in
my tenure as a member of the Committee to resolving the Brazil affiliation
case, it is my hope that all parties in this matter will acquiesce to this
new state of affairs. I strongly believe that the Brazilian Wikimedians are
capable of coming together around this proposal, and that in the future, we
will be able to put aside whatever differences we may have had in the past,
and we will be able to move forward towards a better, more fruitful and
more productive relationship. I trust that everyone concerned will be able
to commit to this process.

Warm regards,

Josh Lim — *Sky Harbor* <https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Sky_Harbor> (*
talk* <https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/User_talk:Sky_Harbor>)
Member, Affiliations Committee, Wikimedia Foundation
01:45, 23 October 2013 (UTC)


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