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Date: 2014/1/2
Subject: [Wikimedia-l] New year's plans for editor engagement
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We had a good 2013 year for readership statistics, fundraising, website
reliability, and many other metrics.

We are continuing to have challenges with our editor population declining.
Statistics are at http://reportcard.wmflabs.org. WMF discussed some of the
research around these issues a monthly metrics meeting.

We have thousands of new accounts registered each month. However we are
still losing more active editors than we gain each month. To date WMF and
the chapters haven't solved this problem although resources are being spent
on it. Projects include Echo, VisualEditor, Snuggle, GettingStarted, and
education outreach.

Some discussion of these issues for English Wikipedia is happening at

Also check out the book review that is being published in this week's
and the 2010 editor study results

I hope there will be many and sustained conversations in 2014 about
questions such as these:

* What should WMF, Jimmy, chapters and affiliates, and the online
communities do differently regarding editor retention in 2014 and beyond?

* What non-technical initiatives should be done to improve editor
recruiting and retention?

* How can we make Wikipedia editing be as mainstream as playing mobile
games? I would like to see WMF take leadership on this issue and make a big
push in 2014-2015 to make mobile editing a popular activity.

* Since negative feedback is a major reason that editors leave, should we
review how we revert and warn editors, how we handle content disputes, and
how we deal with editors who are uncivil or disruptive?

* How can we be a community that is efficient while being civil and

In the next Annual Plan I hope that someone at WMF will be appointed as a
point person for promoting all editor engagement initiatives and regularly
initiate discussions such as this one.

Closing thought:

"Whatever the weather
We must move

from a Marshall Plan poster,
https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/File:Marshall_Plan_poster.JPG, seen on the
English WikiQuote main page on December 31, 2013.

Happy new year,


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