Pessoal, vejam a proposta de debate no movimento global sobre diversidade. A mensagem chegou via lista do Gendergap, mas ressalto que a iniciativa vai além da questão de gênero.

Interessad@s do Brasil são muito bem-vind@s. A ideia é promover encontros e discussões de agora até a Wikimania e avaliar como andou. Essa proposta é resultado da I conferência de diversidade que aconteceu em Berlin no fim do ano passado.

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Assunto:        [Gendergap] Diversity Dialogue
Data:   Thu, 13 Mar 2014 13:38:48 +0100
De:     Merle Wittich <>
Responder a: Addressing gender equity and exploring ways to increase the participation of women within Wikimedia projects. <>

Dear diversity enthusiasts,

at the Wikimedia Diversity Conference 2013 in Berlin we all felt that it is necessary to keep the discussion going, exchange our experience with working in the field of Diversity and make future plans together.

Therefore we would like to kick-off a series of Google Hangouts together with you!

As a pilot, we suggest to start now, experiment until Wikimania and then see what happens next. We need you to contribute your own ideas and topics to this dialogue!

We are hoping that we can schedule the first hangout in the next week already.

We would love to see many of you joining. If you are interested, please fill-in the Doodle <>to find the best suiting date. We will close the Doodle on Sunday and communicate the date for the Hangout on Meta <> and via this mailinglist.

As a topic for the first hangout we would like to take a fresh look at the issues covered in the round up sessions <>of the Diversity Conference and discuss and share what happened since then. We can also discuss other forms of shaping the dialogue about diversity.

To make the best of this hangout, we would like to encourage you to prepare yourselves by reading through the minutes of the round-up sessions, and by reflecting on your own work in the last couple of months.

We are looking forward to hearing about your projects and everything else you want to share with us!

Kind Regards,


Merle von Wittich
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