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From: Graeme Arnott <graemejarn...@gmail.com>
Date: 26 March 2014 10:34
Subject: [Wikimedia Education] MediaWiki projects in Schools
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Dear All

I've been asked by a civil servant at the Scottish Government to look into
the ways that mediawiki literacy could be incorporated into Scottish
secondary school work (12-18 years of age). This might be something like
installing MediaWiki on the schools' national intranet, or doing something
with Wikiversity or simply using Wikipedia within a particular project.
When I discussed the project with the civil servant it was clear that the
aim was not simply to provide MediaWiki skills training for students and
teachers, but to make possible collaborative inter- and intra-school work,
as well as raising and developing the digital citizenship of school
teachers and students.  That is really as far as I've got.

One problem is that I don't actually work in schools. So I thought that a
good place to start was this list, and to ask for help in identifying
examples of any Wikimedia project work that either you've been involved in
at school level, or that you know about. It would be great to get links to
the actual work (if it's publicly available on Wikipedia for example), but
it would also be good to get links to reflective blog posts on successes,
failures, things to avoid etc.  I can then collate and map these for
further discussion with the government.

I'm just at the start of the conversation, but I'll keep the list updated
on any progress.

With thanks in advance and best regards,
Volunteer for Wikimedia UK
Community Coordinator for Open Knowledge Foundation Scotland
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