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Hi all.

I apologize for cross-posting; I'm trying to reach all projects here, and
encourage you to translate and spread this message to relevant village
pumps. (I explain a tool here, some points, and provide you with a link
where you can participate in the discussion I opened.)

The WMF Engineering Team is kindly working on Media Viewer, which would
show a pop-up of some sort when you click an image. This tool is available
for testing to those people who created an account, in Beta tab, on all
projects. Like you may see the tool has a relatively high impact on average
reader experience.

It came to my mind that the tool goes full-screen, which doesn't meet the
"I stay on the article" expectation. I feel it may be important to an
average reader to gain orientation.

I opened a discussion, with some people calling my idea a "metadata pop-up"
rather than a "media viewer". I feel that may be good thing: the existing
default opens a lot of image info and tells people what Commons is. I feel
the media viewer should do something close to the same, with the advantage
of not leaving the page, and some interactive means of viewing the image if
the user clicks some buttons.

As opposed to that, a "Media Viewer" would show a bigger image and make use
of space. But the mock I have is slightly bigger already, like the existing
"File:*" page. I am not assuming that the reader wants a bigger image; I'm
assuming he may also be interested (and it would be more transparent to) in
reading some metadata, description, date, author.

Please see the discussion here and weigh in, basing on your preferences and
Wikimedia projects experience. Your voice powers the future of the tool,
and Wikimedia projects.



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