Caso algum(ns) dos que vão à Wikimania se interesse.

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From: David Cuenca <>
Date: Mon, May 12, 2014 at 6:51 AM
Subject: [Wikisource-l] Preparing mass invitation for the Wikisource meetup
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Hi all,

I have started a page to sign-up for the Wikisource Meetup at Wikimania
2014 in London. If you are interested in coming please add your name so we
can show that there is interest.

And in the next days I would like to send a MassMessage inviting the WsUG
members and each language community. The draft to be
modified/corrected/improved is here

I think we still have time to apply for funds to bring selected members of
each Wikisource language community to promote a better coordination,
dialogue, and international projects. So if you are interested or you know
someone we should bring, please get in touch asap.

Ah, and during the Zurich Hackathon I met Tpt and he was working on getting
the "Other projects sitebar" deployed as a beta feature on all sites.
Basically it displays automatically the sitelinks to sister projects. I
cannot wait to see this deployed :)


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