Legal por ela ser ambiciosa e nos convidar a pensar grande. Espero que as
coisas dêem certo!

Sendo um bom wikimedista chato, apenas o ponto "Because Wikimedia is the
place to transcend the now and to build the future." soou muito como puxar
sardinha para o mundo wiki apenas. A Wikipédia é revolucionária. O wiki é
apenas uma ferramenta.

Se a WMF continuar tão wiki-cêntrica (principalmente nas sua métricas)
continuará com uma comunidade cuja fixação será quem editou mais verbetes
ou reverteu mais vandalismo, o que nem sempre é o mais eficiente para as
pessoas terem acesso a recursos educacionais abertos de qualidade (ela não
mencionou isso, apesar de mencionar sobre aprendizado), um dos temas mais
importantes ao redor da Wikipédia, na minha opinião.


2014-06-23 0:00 GMT-03:00 Oona Castro <>:

> Antigo já, mas só li hoje. Compartilhando
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> From: Lila Tretikov <>
> Date: 3 June 2014 02:22
> Subject: [Wikimedia-l] Venture Beyond
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> A month ago, I met some of you for the first time at the WMF’s monthly
> metrics meeting. Officially, today is my first day as Executive Director of
> the Foundation. In practice, it’s a day like many others: Today and in the
> future, we’ll keep working together towards our mission.
> When I first started learning about Wikimedia, I thought to myself: this
> will be different. Now, seeing the world from within the information Big
> Bang <>, I know: it is.
> Every second the universe of information is expanding around us, and
> Wikimedia is a major force that turns this information into knowledge. It
> is beholden to no one, yet accountable to each and every human being. We,
> the people who create knowledge and bring it to every corner of the world,
> are the ones that help it expand. We, the people who read and learn, are
> the ones that hold the power to make this world a better place.
> I often speak about human experience. Most have understood this as talking
> about user experience: the way we access the information or contribute
> knowledge. You are — partially — right. But what I mean is bigger than
> that.
> What I am after is our connection to the world and each other through
> knowledge. What I’d like us to do is to think big. Think beyond ourselves.
> Think about humanity as a whole. Because you can. Because Wikimedia is the
> place to transcend the now and to build the future.
> This means that what’s ahead is bigger than any one of us. Yet, together,
> we can make it happen. It means thinking beyond ourselves. It means
> thinking as a student in Cambodia learning about Khmer poetry
> <
> >,
> or a doctor in France writing about infectious diseases
> <>. This means empathy,
> altruism and compassion. It means making things accessible, friendly and
> easy for everyone.
> This is what makes Wikimedia big.
> This is what makes each of us bigger than we could ever be.
> This is the what. Our job, as the community and the Foundation, is to build
> the how. Where is the will, there is a way. We are here to walk it.
> Let’s think big.
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