Thank you for all your support and kindness with us in Brazil. You've been an 
important asset for WMF and we all will miss you. I wish you a great experience 
at IDEO and I would love to be up on what you will be doing in such a 
fascinating field!


Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2014 15:35:29 -0700
Subject: Re: [Wikimedia Brasil] [Wikimedia-l] Jessie's IDEO adventure

Thanks so much to everyone! It has been such an honor to join this movement, 
and the things we have experimented with and done have been exciting and 
fruitful.  I know we spend a lot of time talking about our problems welcoming 
in newbies, but I felt so supported by so many of you from my first day four 
years ago when I was brand new. Thank you for your openness, your innovative 
ideas, your challenges to my thinking, and your partnership in building things 
One point of clarification: I'll actually be working with, which is a 
spin-off of IDEO (and yes, Jane, that is the Wikipedia article for IDEO)  It is 
a separate organization focused on partnering with people in need to design 
paths out of poverty. I'm very humbled for this opportunity, and look forward 
to sharing learning! I'm pasting some info below with the announcement.
Obviously, stay in touch. I will be around :) 
We’ve had an action-packed spring at
with lots of travel, a decision on our next class of
Global Fellows, and a very exciting project from
the archive heading to market. Here’s what we’ve
been up to this spring and summer.WELCOME 2015 GLOBAL FELLOWSAfter reviewing 
656 applications—all of which inspired and excited us—we’ve chosen the 2015 
class of Global Fellows! They hail from Malawi, Ireland, Indiana, and the UK. 
They are doctors, inventors, entrepreneurs, and global connectors, all with a 
dedication to elevating the poor through design. Let us introduce William 
Kamkwamba, Rebecca Hope, Jessie Wild, and John Collery! We can’t wait to see 
what change they'll make, what good they’ll do.

Copyright © 2014, All rights reserved. 
On Thu, Sep 18, 2014 at 1:28 PM, Everton Zanella Alvarenga <> 
Congratulations, Jessie!

It is super cool that you will bring your talent to other places! It was a 
pleasure to know and work with you! Thanks for everything you did for the 
Wikimedia movement and that you taught me whilst I had the opportunity to work 
together! You rock!

P. S. We need create a page about IDEO in Portuguese, then I'll keep supporting 
you to learn our language. :P (could be a start!)



2014-09-18 14:30 GMT-03:00 Anasuya Sengupta <>:
Dear friends and colleagues,

Many of who have already heard from Jessie in multiple ways, but for those

who haven't: Jessie Wild, who currently heads the Learning and Evaluation

team in the Grantmaking department at WMF, is leaving for a year's

fellowship with Ideo.[1] Her last day at the Foundation is tomorrow.

We are going to miss her. Jessie has been an extraordinary and integral

part of WMF for the last four years, and demonstrated her initiative,

insight and leadership in each of the positions she’s ably held here. For

many of you, you may remember Jessie's first role was part of the

consultant team working on the 5 year strategy. Most recently and

importantly, she’s led the Learning and Evaluation team in the past year to

do some significant baseline research and impact analyses of our grants and

programs across the movement. This is work that lays the foundation for a

great deal of our strategic vision and direction going forward. Thank you

so much, Jessie, for all your strategic leadership, but even more: thank

you for who you are, and the heart you’ve always brought to your team, WMF

and the communities we support.

We are hoping that Jessie will rejoin us when she’s completed this

brilliant opportunity at IDEO (she’s one of four chosen from over 450

applicants!). However, the work we are doing with all of you on impact and

strategic outcomes for the movement is urgent and will need to be ramped up

even further over this year. We will be opening up this position to lead

the L&E team soon, and keep you posted on it.

Jessie, thank you again for all your manifold contributions.





*Anasuya SenguptaSenior Director of GrantmakingWikimedia Foundation*

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