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From: Fabrice Florin <fflo...@wikimedia.org>
Date: 7 November 2014 02:52
Subject: Media Viewer - New Improvements
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Cc: Gilles Dubuc <gdu...@wikimedia.org>, Gergő Tisza <gti...@wikimedia.org>,
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The multimedia team is completing a last round of improvements for Media
Viewer, based on community suggestions -- and we’d be grateful for your
advice about the near-final version, before we release it.

Please take a moment to test this last version here on alpha:
(sorry this site is a bit slow

This new version now includes:
* A caption or description, right below the image
* Long captions or descriptions are truncated, and you can click on the
ellipsis to expand them
* Scrolling down opens the metadata panel -- as does pressing the up or
down arrows on your keyboard
* A gray bar at the bottom provides a visual cue that there is more
information below the fold
* A description is provided below the fold -- except if it’s already shown
above the fold.
* The metadata panel also includes uploader name, date, location and
special license terms

Could you please reply by email to share your overall impressions about
this new version? Please respond to me and the other team members Cc:d on
this message.

Is it an improvement over the previous version? What do you like most? What
do you dislike most? Is there any critical issue you think needs to be
fixed before final release?

If you have extra time, here are some specific questions we still have
about this version:
* are long captions or descriptions above the fold helpful to you?
* is it helpful that the text size is smaller for long captions?
* does it matter to you that long captions are truncated?
* can you tell that there is more information below the fold?
* is it helpful to see a longer description below the fold?
* is it helpful to see the uploader, date, location or special license
* is it helpful to see links about Media Viewer, discussion or help pages?
* is there anything missing that you would really like to see below the
fold? (e.g. file name?)
* would you prefer not to have any information below the fold? (just go to
the file page for more details?)

Please let us know what you think, so we can make any final tweaks based on
your feedback

Thanks in advance for helping us take this project through the finish line!


Fabrice Florin
Product Manager, Multimedia
Wikimedia Foundation

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