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Date: 2014-11-19 10:18 GMT-02:00
Subject: [Offline-l] [KIWIX][GUTENBERG] 50.000 public domain books
available to everybody, everywhere, offline
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The Kiwix team is happy to release the whole Project Gutenberg (
http://www.gutenberg.org/) library in a ZIM format:
2014-11.zim.torrent. We also provide a few language specific versions here

This file is dedicated to an offline usage (no connection to Internet) and
it readable with Kiwix (http://www.kiwix.org). This allows anybody with a
computer or a smartphone to own his own copy of this 50.000 books big
library. You can also make it available for read to other people on your
network, they only need a web browser.

In this ZIM file, you will find all the books available in HTML (directly
readable), but also in EPUB (and time to time in PDF). We have created a
custom user interface which is really simple to use: in a few clicks you
can find your book, read it or download it. What is also unique is that
Kiwix proposes a fulltext search engine over all books content. You can see
by yourself using this demonstration web site: http://library.kiwix.org/

Most of the work was done during a week long hackathon in Lyon, France by
four Kiwix volunteer developers. This hackathon was funded by the Fondation
Orange with the administrative help of Framasoft and Wikimedia CH. The
Fondation Orange is the first beneficiary of this work and use it already
for its own deployments in Africa.

The solution to build this ZIM file is 100% free software and is available
here https://github.com/kiwix/gutenberg. This solution allows to release
easily new up2date versions. This is not a "one shot" project and we will
release periodically new version of this offline version of the Project

We also plan to use this code base to aggregate other online PD/free books
libraries. Wikisource is one of the first we would love to add, this might
be done pretty easily as soon as an OPDS feed is available.

We hope to see this work deployed by other third part organisation which
are on place where Internet is not available, expensive or censored. We
also need more developer (mostly Python) workforce for the next steps, a
hackathon with this purpose will hopefully be organised in 2015 (sponsor
needed). Last but not least: users, please report any problem here:

Kiwix - Wikipedia Offline & more
* Web: http://www.kiwix.org
* Twitter: https://twitter.com/KiwixOffline
* more: http://www.kiwix.org/wiki/Communication

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