Tópico legal na lista geral da Wikimedia para quem está mais ativo
compartilhar suas experiências no Brasil. Várias respostas legais já, mas
senti falta de exemplos nos países do sul, apesar de ter um pouco nos
'cases studies'.

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Dear colleagues,

I need your help.

In a weeks time, I am invited by the Norwegian Science Council to meet them
and lecture and discuss about how they can nurture and contribute to the

The Science Council (Forskningsrådet) organizes all the universities,
colleges, and institutes sector as regards research, through funding and
program evalution.

The task is that they will first produce a "do-it-your-self-kit" to
scientists and researchers on how they can fulfill they obligation of
educating the public. Thereafter, they will work more targetedly with
pinpointing and contributing directly to the Wikipedia, probably Commons

Our good partners in the Arts Council Norway have already worked with us
for a long time on their public outreach obligation, and will take part in
the meeting and speak about how they have nurtured the outreach of cultural
heritage through Wikipedia and Commons.


Where can I find good overviews of:

- Examples of universities or institutions who have "used" Wikipedia to
educate the public

- Examples of professions or individual researchers who have done the same

- Examples of formal co-operations between science and Wikimedia movement,
as reference

- Examples from your chapter of co-operation with science / universities

Thank you all,


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