THURNER rupert wrote:

> creating/coloring maps is usually the biggest work. anybody knows good 
> tools or good keywords for a websearch to find tools which facilitate 
> drawing/coloring images like 

As I told a few people outside of the list, I have got the data for 
creating maps of Switzerland (all boundaries of municipalities, cantons, 
etc) and am happy to create any map needed if someone provides me with 
the data (numbers and/or colours to use). In the future, I can imagine 
having a web interface to do this, but this would take a bit of time.

What some people were wondering is whether it would be possible to 
create (or colour) these images "on the fly", using HTML and/or CSS. I 
don't really see how, but if anyone has any idea. SVGs could be a good 
compromise: draw the image, and just the colours in the text file to 
create any coloured map (see below).

> i found:
> *
> *
> *
> a second question:
> what is the best/preferred format to store the result? is it svg?

To complete Emmanuel's answer: SVG, by far. It is vectorial, so that one 
can change the resolution without loss of quality. It is relatively 
well-supported (you can display SVGs with Firefox, for example). It is 
text-based, meaning that it is easy to extract and/or change the text 

The support is not yet perfect, though:


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