I have changed the message on HP of rm.wikipedia.org looking for a
translator in Rumantsch at least to translate our bylaws.

In any case the Rumantsch Grischun seems to me to be "very" similar to
dialect of Tessin (the rumantsch in effect is formed by different
dialects but this "super"-language is workable). It's different if you
hear it (for example in RTSI), but the written language is to close to
the dialect in the North Italy.

I don't think that in this Wikipedia we can found a translator (it has
got only 400 articles and a community with "bots").

With the help of Pledari (http://www.pledari.ch/) I can try to
translate it. The syntax and the grammar is similar to Italian and
Tessin dialect.

If there is some Wikimedia Ch members more able than me, please go ahead.


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