I would like to suggest a prototype project for Technical workshops. These
workshops are of interest for all Wikimedia chapters. Since I live in
Lausanne, I decided to start in here :)  (I am a member of Wikimédia France,
and I speak a very bad German, hence the English).

I am sending this mail to see whether someone is interested to form a small
core of organisers. We could then advertise the putative event to
Wikipedians located in Switzerland and get the thing rolling.

Thank you for your interest,
  -- Rama

== Proposal ==
=== Rational ===
Among other tactics, Linux evangelism was carried out though "install
parties", in which experienced users devoted some of their time to train
newbies. These live meetings allowed discussion and demonstrations of actual

I suggest that similar event could profitably be organised by Wikimedia
chapters and individual Wikipedians with specific expertise (for instance:
photography, Law, etc).

=== Teaching, learning and comparing notes ===
The events could be a place for people of comparable expertise to compare
notes, and for people of very different expertise to teach and learn tips
and tricks. For instance:

* Photography: how to frame, basic techniques, etc.
* Audio: how to record a spoken article
* Image: how to edit an image (detour, etc)
* Law: licences, personality rights, etc.
* Applied psychology: how to speak or write to people in an effective manner
to obtain licences and autorisations
* Digitalise books
* Special interest topics: how to take photograph in a museum ? (combines
particular aspects of photography, legal considerations, applied psychology,

The means of these exchanges would be mainly
* informal presentations and exposés
* discussions
* practical workshops: for instance 6 people are taught by 1 organiser how
to do proper photographs
* demonstrations: for instance one person demonstrates how to detour an
image in GIMP.

=== Technical support ===
The events could be a place where technical tools (such as scanners,
high-end cameras, microphones, etc.) are concentrated punctually. This might
allow some punctual work to be done (not scanning whole books, but properly
scanning a few photographs or engravings, for instance).

=== Practical considerations ===
I propose that the events should be made relatively small, as to allow
* regular occurence (temporal plenty)
* occurence within a reasonable distance from home for all Wikipedians
(spatial plenty)
* easy organisation
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