I find this idea really good.
I should be possible to find rooms in Zürich.

I do not know if you can write on http://members.wikimedia.ch
But it would be a good place, to see more in details, how to organize
such an event.


2007/12/18, Rama Rama <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Hello,
> I would like to suggest a prototype project for Technical workshops. These
> workshops are of interest for all Wikimedia chapters. Since I live in
> Lausanne, I decided to start in here :)  (I am a member of Wikimédia France,
> and I speak a very bad German, hence the English).
> I am sending this mail to see whether someone is interested to form a small
> core of organisers. We could then advertise the putative event to
> Wikipedians located in Switzerland and get the thing rolling.
> Thank you for your interest,
>   -- Rama
> == Proposal ==
> === Rational ===
> Among other tactics, Linux evangelism was carried out though "install
> parties", in which experienced users devoted some of their time to train
> newbies. These live meetings allowed discussion and demonstrations of actual
> manipulations.
> I suggest that similar event could profitably be organised by Wikimedia
> chapters and individual Wikipedians with specific expertise (for instance:
> photography, Law, etc).
> === Teaching, learning and comparing notes ===
> The events could be a place for people of comparable expertise to compare
> notes, and for people of very different expertise to teach and learn tips
> and tricks. For instance:
> * Photography: how to frame, basic techniques, etc.
> * Audio: how to record a spoken article
> * Image: how to edit an image (detour, etc)
> * Law: licences, personality rights, etc.
> * Applied psychology: how to speak or write to people in an effective manner
> to obtain licences and autorisations
> * Digitalise books
> * Special interest topics: how to take photograph in a museum ? (combines
> particular aspects of photography, legal considerations, applied psychology,
> etc.)
> The means of these exchanges would be mainly
> * informal presentations and exposés
> * discussions
> * practical workshops: for instance 6 people are taught by 1 organiser how
> to do proper photographs
> * demonstrations: for instance one person demonstrates how to detour an
> image in GIMP.
> === Technical support ===
> The events could be a place where technical tools (such as scanners,
> high-end cameras, microphones, etc.) are concentrated punctually. This might
> allow some punctual work to be done (not scanning whole books, but properly
> scanning a few photographs or engravings, for instance).
> === Practical considerations ===
> I propose that the events should be made relatively small, as to allow
> * regular occurence (temporal plenty)
> * occurence within a reasonable distance from home for all Wikipedians
> (spatial plenty)
> * easy organisation
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