Hi all,
thanks to our great web team (consisting of Petar Marjanovic, Sandro
Pfister, Manuel Schneider, Jürg Studer and Ilario Valdelli), we
finally managed to get rid of our old WordPress homepage and installed
a freely editable wiki on http://www.wikimedia.ch
Basically, everyone can create an account and edit, though the
sensitive pages (bank account, contact information, membership stuff
etc.) are protected and only editable by trusted users.
We decided to have a system that is as open as possible so that
individual users can help in writing news reports/items, submit events
for the calendar, write about regional activities/meetups etc.  This
is quite an Assume Good Faith exercise and we hope it
works...otherwise we can still revert to a "only trusted users may
edit"-policy later on.

Further, the openness is also quite nice for multilinguality and I'm
happy to say that nearly all pages are in German, English and French,
many of them also in Italian (though we admittedly struggle with

Comments are welcome!  For now, thanks again to our web team and I
hope that our new site finds general approval!


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