Now, before we all rush into opening a third Wikimedia CH mailinglist,
may I ask about its purpose?

I can at the moment not imagine any topics that we could discuss in a
members-only list but not in a public list. (I also don't know of any
other chapter who has this...see wikimediafr-l, vereinde-l etc.)

If an item is particularly sensitive, it remains in the board mailinglist.
Everything else can be discussed here just as well and we even benefit
from the views of people who are not official members of the chapter
(because they don't live in CH or whatever).
I seriously don't see the reason to add yet another layer between
these two structures (there was a reason why we opened to the public...) and unless someone tells
me what kind of discussion can only be held in a
members-discussion-list but not in a public list, I'm against this.


2008/5/4 Michael Frey <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Hi,
>  I like that idea.
>  A little modification could save the function of the current member list:
>  Rename the current member list to "Announce" and keep the restrictions.
>  Create "members" for internal discussions for all members.
>  So we have a list for offical things and one for internal things
>  Kind regards,
>  Michael Frey
>  ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>  Hallo,
>  Ich finde die Idee gut, schlage aber eine kleine Modifikation vor um die
>  Funktion der alten member list zu erhalten:
>  Die Aktuelle Liste Names "member" zu "Announce" umbennen und die
>  Restriktionen bei halten.
>  erstellen einer Liste members für interne Diskussionen für alle Mitglieder.
>  So haben wir eine Liste für offizielle Dinge und eine für interne.
>  Gruss,
>  Michael Frey
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