Dear all,
I spent a major part of this afternoon updating and standardizing all
our PDF-membership application forms. We have now 10 forms, for each
language (de, en, fr, it, rm) two forms (normal members, legal

If you have time and are fluent in one of these languages, I'd be
grateful if you could have a look at the versions in your language.
They can all be found at

NB: For most of the content, I could use the existing translations
and/or the email templates. In some cases, I used (fr,
it) and Pledari Grond (rm), hoping that I didn't mess up things too

If you find minor mistakes, I'd be grateful if you could point them
out to me. If there are more than a few mistakes, please ask me to
send you the .doc-versions of the files, so that you can correct the
errors directly.

As always, thanks a lot for your cooperation!

(Oh, just by the way: I don't think that there are many associations
in Switzerland that are quintilingual / pentaglot... We should strive
to keep this going and hereby I'd like to offer my thanks to our
translators for the extremely valuable work they are doing. It really
enhances our website!)


Michael Bimmler

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