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> Michael Bimmler wrote:
>> Mhm, I got a better solution there, I made you a sysop :-)
>> I absolutely don't want to unprotect the donation pages, because if
>> some guy registers, changes the account number or any other number,
>> maybe also the name, he could get quite a couple donations until we
>> notice it. and we REALLY don't want this...
> I was going to say the same, but I was going to suggest making a draft
> subpage instead of unprotecting (since I am not a bureaucrat :-).

Just for the record (being the bureaucrat on duty for this wiki): I'm
generally fairly lenient with sysop-promotions, especially for
translators and other people (members, if possible, so that we have
their addresses etc.) who want to help with the day-to-day running
(agenda, news items) of the website.

To be very honest, and yes this is a bit contrary to the wiki-system:
I'd rather have 20 sysops then having our Donations and Bylaws pages
unprotected... But of course, certain things (Agenda etc.) should
remain unprotected.


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