i would like to propose the program "wiki summer of code", see
http://www.wikimedia.ch/Program_Wiki_Summer_Of_Code for more details.
feel free to add your opionions, improvement suggestions, better

goal: produce extensions and improvements to the software which is
used for the wikimedia foundation projects. produce contents.
main target audience: students, helped by a mentor.
rewards: 8'000 chf per project, 7250 for the student doing the coding,
750 for the mentor / mentoring organization

having something which repeats every year with a fixed budget should
allow people better planning and easy communication to
schools/universities which over time should attract more people. i am
aware google has a pure coding soc:
http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Summer_of_Code_2008. here the focus
includes especially knowledge base related work,  contents,
statistics, ... as well.

as you know wm-ch is participating in the yearly wikimedia foundation
fundraiser.  currently we are looking for project ideas to get the
best value for the donated money. we would be glad to receive
proposals on this list and the wiki:  http://wikimedia.ch/Projects.

http://wikimedia.ch/donate - donate now!

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