Hi all

We would like to make a preliminary annoucement about a special event
on Creative Commons in Zurich on Friday Evening January 23. We
(Digitale Allmend) will host a a
CC Saloon in the Walcheturm (1). CC use cases and showcases from
Europe will be presented and discussed. Details follow in the next few

On Friday January 23, there will also be a COMMUNIA Workshop at the
ETH Zurich. COMMUNIA is the European Thematic Network on the Digital
Public Domain.
On Saturday January 24, there will be a CC Europe Meeting with several
project leads from Europe. Many of those leads are in Zurich because
they participate to the COMMUNIA Project.

If you have an interesting project under a CC license and/or would
like to contribute to the event or CC Switzerland, please do not
hesitate to contact us under team...@allmend.ch. Any help is welcome.


(1) http://www.walcheturm.ch
(2) http://www.communia-project.eu/ws04

http://wikimedia.ch Wikimedia CH website
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