Hallo mitenand,

The registration deadline for candidates for the Board of the Wikimedia CH
is in 5 days, and so far we have 6 hopeful ones (including myself).

Although it may be a refreshing change that 4 of these (including myself)
are from Romandie, it doesn't look like our demographics will be accurately
reflected. Three of us (+Illario, I understand) do speak a very decent
measure of German but, as we say, *ce n'est pas pareil* (das ist nicht das
selbe). Should Petar be voted in, he would surely appreciate not being left
alone on most of the germanophone work.

In other words, and for practical purposes (i.e. dealing with a membership
base and questions that I suspect will be substantially German-speaking), it
wouldn't be a bad idea that those of you who were hesitant about running for
a seat do not hesitate no more.

I've already discussed this with Mourad, Ludo and Fred and we all agree that
the issue should at least be raised (if you guys are fine with it, so be
it). I've already shifted my own candidature to that of auditor so as to
make the prospect of being elected more likely for any newcomer (for those
of you that dread the fateful election test, see it as one less
"competitor") - we do need representativity in order to be efficient.

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