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> On a purely personal level, I have recently had a very positive
> experience with the Military Musem of Morges, where photography is
> allowed without a flash but where tripods are OK. You can see some of
> the results here:
> http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Rama/Château_de_Morges
> I have had a little chat with one of the conservators of the museum,
> and he was quite knowledgeable and friendly towards Wikimedia projects
> (actually he used some of our material).

Excellent !

> I have recently visited the Landesmuseum in Zurich, where photography
> is not allowed, which is a shame because there are a number of
> interesting items.

Not excellent...

> Would Wikimedia-CH be interested in setting up a
> little lobbying campaign aimed at museums to obtain autorisation to
> photographs their collections ? We have a number of quite capable
> photographs available in Switzerland, so I am confident that we could
> produce a convincing porte-folio and that the conservators would not
> regret granting us access.

Definitively. This has already been discussed, and has happenend in the 
past, but always depend on available manpower, which is in short 
supply... anyone (not necessarily member of the board !) interested in 
doing this is welcome.

We also have initial contacts with different actors (Ville de Genève, 
Office fédéral de la Culture), but haven't been very far yet [in those 
two cases, I had the contacts but was unable to followup in the past few 
months, due to other issues which did not leave me any time].

>      As a first step, it could already be interesting if Wikimedians
> could state that they want to take photographs "for Wikipedia and for
> Wikimedia CH", and have a the contact of a person of reference at
> WM-CH for hand out.

We already do this, and even a bit more. Several Wikimedians have 
already used the "Wikimedia CH" affiliation to get accreditations in 
order to take pictures for Wikimedia CH, and we have produced 
documentation in the past (official letters, business cards -- basically 
anything with a logo that makes the request more official :-) to help 
the process. Many (not all) of the pictures at


are in this category precisely because the authorization to take the 
pictures was obtained by using the "Wikimedia CH/Wikipedia" name.

I am glad to be the contact person for these sort of things, if you need 
any help. Otherwise, you can talk to Ludo and Fanny, who did quite a bit 
of work in this area.



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