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Kommt jemand (oder mehrere) als Vertreter von Wikimedia CH ans "FLOSS
Meeting 2010"?

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  Swiss Free / Libre / Open Source Software Advocates Meeting 2010

                           "FLOSS Meeting"

                      Saturday September 18, 2010
                        (Software Freedom Day)

             at ETH Zürich, CHN Building (at FrOSCamp)

(As this meeting is open only to FLOSS advocates in a reasonably broad
sense, but not to the general public, participants need to contact the
organizer n...@bollow.ch in advance please, in order to register their
interest in participation, receive a draft agenda, and be informed of
the precise room number.)

Just like we have met in previous years, it is still important for the
various organizations who are active in advocacy for Free Software and
related areas of freedom and openness to stay in touch. So there's
going to be a meeting again, this year in the context of the FrOSCamp
event in Zurich, where many of us are likely to be anyway.

Just like in previous years, introductions and exchanging information
on our various activities will be an important function also of this
year's meeting. In addition, I would like to have some focused
discussion in one or two areas where perhaps many of our organizations
could work together in order to jointly achieve a much greater impact
than any organization could on its own. We will decide at the meeting
itself which one or two area we will choose for in-depth discussion.
One possibility, and in fact my suggestion for this, is the idea of
coordinated PDF related campaigning in Switzerland. (See e.g. FSFE's
http://www.fsfe.org/campaigns/pdfreaders/pdfreaders.en.html for proof
of concept that it's possible to do convincing campagning in this area.)

Individual advocates as well as representatives of organizations are
welcome. (I will only slightly discriminate against businesses by
being doubly careful to make sure that they care more about software
freedom than about profit maximization.)


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