But I'll make a review of the progress on Swiss museums, or lack
thereof, nevertheless.

The aim is to obtain a maximum of Free media from museums in
Switzerland (French-speaking in my case because I'm based in
Lausanne). So far, I've not found anybody willing to consider a
partnership on the same magnitude than what's happened between
Toulouse and Wikimedia France (See
http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Rama/Muséum_de_Toulouse and
links at bottom). So for now everything is made on a small-scale,
case-by-case basis.

Most museums allow photography without a flash. Interestingly, a
number of museums allow it with a tripod, either as a matter of policy
(Morges, Vevey, Musée Bolo, Vidy) or when you suavely sweet-talk the
cashier at the entrance (Lausanne, etc.).

Some of the most important ones apparently can't even be bothered to
tell us to sod off (Neuchâtel).

There is a slight tendency of some institutions to try and provide
material themselves under a Free licence, usually at a low resolution.
The Laténium has indicated an interest in doing this, though not much
has materialised, and the Musée d'Histoire du Valais has provided

To summarise, moral is good (mostly because we can't really *lose"
what we've already got, so we have a monotonically increasing amount
of material), and progress is steady at the rate suggested in the
following video from 4:40

  -- Rama

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