Frederic Schutz wrote:
> Rama Neko wrote:
>> Can we have press accreditations for this event?
> Short answer: no.
> Long answer: this is obviously the first thing we thought about (the
> original idea comes from Ludo), since it makes a lot of sense. Nando
> asked the GDI about this, and they replied that they will have an
> exclusive photographer, and we'll be able to use the pictures on
> Wikipedia afterwards. I doubt that they asked the photograph about the
> idea of free license, though.

A rather grotesque prospect: no free images (as we all know, a "use on 
Wikipedia" license will not do) of a prize awarded to the founder of 
Wikipedia... it really should be made sure that the photographer 
releases at least some pictures under a free license...

Patrick Borer

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