Dear members of Wikimedia,

thanks to Wolf for that great project opening.

As some of you know, I have many years experience in imaging,
internet and prepress. I give training and work for archives and 
international companies and since 12 years we are in the field of 
media asset management.
This summer, the State Archive of Aargau asked me, if I could 
find a solution for a device in the library, so that guests can digitalize
archive material on their own, without assistance and without 
disturbing other readers at the place.

Usually such systems are costly and complex. 
This was interesting to me, as I am a founding member of "digitale 
Allmend" and I think it is essential, to make the cultural heritage 
freely available in digital form. By experience I know, that there 
are a lot of possible solutions, but most of them have some 
disadvantages. Such as slow scanners, computer viruses, limits
in size and light conditions...
I went into the matter and found a convincing solution. 
Based on latest standard cameras and other equipment I was 
able to configure an economic system, which fits the need. 

I spent many hours in research and testing. Surprisingly, not 
even Nikon, the supplier of the camera module was aware, that 
such a system is working without fail. Nobody did so far, it seems. 
Only a few parts had to be manufactured. The surprising fact 
is, that the quality of the system is even far above expectation. 
That is the only critic I got from the Archive in Aarau, where 
the device is in public operation.

Here some sample images:

Here you find more informations (PDF):
Description of bji Reprostation in english
Description in german
This technology is more efficient than any scanner. It can be used to 
capture printed matter, Photos from Albums, Slides, Negatives...
and it is mobile too. It can be moved into a museum or archive.

For interesting projects I am glad to contribute my professional 
experience as well as hardware on lease base or sale. It will be a 
pleasure to me, to demonstrate the abilities and give training to 

Please let me know, if someone is interested in a free workshop 
on that matter in January 2011 in Switzerland. 
Warm regards from Hyderabad
PS: on 7th Feb. I fly back to India.

bj institute
Bruno Jehle 
Zollrain 12 / CH-5000 Aarau / Switzerland
Phone +41 62 836 40 41 / Mobile +41 79 329 74 44
Plot No. 77 - Syndicate Bank Colony / West Marredpally
Secunderabad 500 026 / AP India
Phone +91 40 40 13 13 02 / +41 62 550 00 72

Am 02.12.2010 um 07:39 schrieb Wolf Ludwig:

> Dear members of Wikimedia CH
> As discussed with the Board recently on a TAO project review, I was asked
> to circulate a Survey on a) Special interests and b) Availabilities of
> community members (see links to the Doodle polls below).
> After the TAO Kick-off meeting in October 2010 in Bern the project is
> progressing and demanding more community involvement on both sides
> (Wikimedia and Seniorweb). For our planned inter-community activities we
> need support from our members – those who have expressed their interest
> already and others who didn’t so far.
> Another important step in the project development is the launch of the
> TAO info desk in the Coop Shopping mall in Wankdorf/Bern where we are
> trying to approach our target groups to evaluate the needs for online
> courses and training. The pilot phase has already begun, the official
> launch will be in January ongoing. Our community partner Seniorweb
> already identified and prepared an impressive number of volunteers for
> this start-up and we urgently need people to represent our community
> there. If the Wankdorf pilot event will be successful, it is intended to
> adopt it to other Coop Shopping malls in Biel/Bienne, Basel, Zurich or
> comparable metropolitan locations.
> In the francophone part (Fribourg and Lausanne), community meetings with
> Seniorweb will be organized soon to meet each other and to find common
> grounds and issues for further cooperation. Similar events need to be
> organised in the German-speaking parts of the country as well. Anybody
> who is interested and willing to support us with organizing local
> community meetings is highly welcome!
> For the Special Interest survey we designed the following typologies:
> A = TAO project in general (core group);
> B = Participation and support of pilot actions like the Shopping mall in
> Wankdorf;
> C = Participation and support of similar pilot actions (Coop Shopping
> mall) at other locations (multiplication);
> D = Participation at community meetings with Seniorweb;
> E = Organizing other regional/local events in your home area (with
> support of the TAO community coordinators of course!);
> F = Participation in the WM Task Force on cooperation with the Federal
> Archive/ Bundesarchiv (public sector data).
> Please note / tack your special interest in the Doodle poll below
> according to the defined typologies (A – F):
> The next/second Doodle poll is asking for your time availabilities for
> such activities over the week and weekends (for planning and
> coordination purposes):
> Please note that travel expenses for community actions can be reimbursed.
> We kindly appreciate your feedback until Sunday, 12 December 2010.
> Thanks a lot for a broad contribution to these surveys!
> Kind regards,
> Wolf Ludwig (TAO project coordinator)
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