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> I would like to know whether we have procedures to request
> wikimedia-sponsored equipment, or if we have any intent to establish
> such a procedure? I gather that lenses have been purchased in the past
> for the benefit of contributors, to great effect.

There is no such procedure for now. The idea is good, and applies not 
only for sponsoring equipment, but for any project which would benefit 
from funding from Wikimedia CH -- provided that the project would 
further the goals of Wikimedia CH, of course.

Even without a formal procedure, the following steps are probably a good 
starting point if you are interested (send your request to 

1) Who is the person/entity looking for equipment
2) What is needed, and a budget (who will pay what, and what other 
sources of funding have been considered)
3) How the funding will be used, and how it will help the goals of 
Wikimedia CH (e.g. by producing material for Wikipedia/Commons/other 
projects that we could not get otherwise, with extra bonus points for 
material specially related to Switzerland)

In the case of sponsoring of a service (e.g. scanning), this is probably 
enough. Physical equipment adds a few other questions, such as who the 
material will belong to, what happens if/when it is not needed anymore, etc.

It has been done in the past, for a lense, as you mention (it was used 
to get coverage of events in Switzerland), but also for other pieces of 
equipment such as hard disks (until recently, these disks, paid by 
Wikimedia CH, contained the most exhaustive archive of consultation 
statistics of Wikimedia-related projects, and this data was not 
available anywhere else, because few people were systematically 
archiving them; there is now a bit of duplication, if only because in 
the meantime we have provided the data to some academic groups who were 
interested in doing some research on them).

If anyone else has good ideas for such projects, don't hesitate. We 
could/should probably mention it on the web site.


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