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> If you don't like the website, it is on you to define that precisely and
> offer improvement, instead of ranting.

My main problem with the current setup remains multilingual support. You 
made it a little bit better, e.g. when one clicks on a link for a page 
in French, the interface text switches to French, but there are still 
problems -- and I don't know if/how we can solve them.


* go to the main page, click "French", you get the page in French
* minor problem: the URL switches to a complicated one with "index.php" 
and parameters
* major problem: Click any link in the left bar menu; you get to the 
corresponding page in English, with the interface back to English.

Maybe we can solve this by postfixing every link with "/fr", and even 
using external links (adding the ?uselang=fr parameters) instead of 
wikilinks. I know how to set the translation for the left side menu, but 
haven't found out how to set a different link for every language. Or 
maybe there is another solution ?

The mean reason for using Mediawiki is that we are all familiar with it; 
if we have to hardcode the language of the interface into every single 
link, it suddenly loses most of its appeal.

To me, this problem is a show stopper: a user should select his language 
once, and always be shown pages in this language (if they exist, of 
course). Maybe it is doable with Mediawiki and I just don't know how; 
maybe it would require a bit of programming work that Wikimedia CH could 
fund (improving multilingual support in Mediawiki would be a very good 
fit for Swiss donations). Or maybe it is just impossible, in which case 
we should look for another tool.

In comparison to this, questions of design are secondary (in my 
opinion). The content should be a priority too, but this is somewhat 
unrelated to the actual tools we are using.


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