On Thu, Jan 27, 2011 at 8:20 PM, Manuel Schneider
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> I don't understand how a non-profit organisation that fosters open
> source ideology can spend money for something like this when even better
> solutions (such as full-fledged CRM) exist as open source software for free.
> Especially am I totally against putting our private data into a foreign
> system we have no control over, while we could host a real CRM for free
> and on our own systems.
> /Manuel

I agree in your point but we need to have something that can help us.

My position is: if we have a good open source software and a good
commercial software if choose the open source.

If we have an open source software which needs a lot of time to be
configured, we can use the commercial solution for a while before the
migration in open source solution.


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